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New Chitose Airport Rental Car

It is true that 4WD cars are more stable in running and starting than 2WD cars, but

The vehicle is heavier than a 2WD vehicle, so it may be difficult to stop if you drive too fast.

Especially on winter roads, when driving in the suburbs, it is natural to drive too fast.

Be careful as there are cases where you cannot stop at a curve and cause an accident.

Understand the characteristics of 4WD vehicles and enjoy driving safely in Hokkaido with Choinori rental car!

Don't be overconfident in 4WD vehicles!


Roads in Hokkaido are made quite wide to store snow during snow removal.

As a result, the speed is often faster than you feel.
In recent years, enforcement of speeding violations has become stricter.

Be careful about your speed to avoid being penalized during your trip.
Obey the speed limit and enjoy driving through the great land of Hokkaido with Choinori rental car!

Be careful of the width of the road!


New Chitose Airport Rental Car

When driving a car in Hokkaido, most cars are AT cars.

(All Choinori rental cars are AT cars.)

When starting on a winter road, you can start smoothly by using the creep phenomenon (braking in automatic transmission vehicles that automatically moves forward when you release the brake).
On the other hand, when stopping, it is better to use the engine brake and naturally reduce the speed before stopping.

AT cars have a structure in which the engine brake is strong and difficult to operate.
Before coming to a stop, slow down enough, shift down a gear, and use engine braking to stop.

Of course, it is also important to leave plenty of distance between vehicles.

How to start and stop


New Chitose Airport Rental Car

Hokkaido has wide roads, so people tend to drive too fast, and there are many traffic accidents.

Be careful not only about the car you drive, but also about accidents between other cars or pedestrians.
Also, please be aware of incidents of contact with wild animals, which are unique to Hokkaido.

Particularly in eastern Hokkaido, there are many accidents caused by contact with sika deer.

In order to enjoy driving in Hokkaido, it is important to be aware of these natural animals.
You may not be covered by insurance if you come into contact with a wild animal, so be sure to be aware of your surroundings when you see a "Beware of Wild Animals" sign.

Be careful about accidents!


New Chitose Airport Rental Car


New Chitose Airport Rental Car
Conditions unique to winter roads

The winter roads of Hokkaido are quite special.

Studless tires provide sufficient braking when there is only snow or ice, but you need to be careful on sunny days in the middle of winter.
When water melted by sunlight is added to the surface of an icy road, you may lose control of your vehicle as soon as you step on the brakes, even if you are normally fast enough to stop, so drive at a sufficiently low speed. That is important.
Also, if many cars pass while the snow is still soft, ruts will form.

These ruts are especially likely to form on narrow roads such as alleys, but they tend to become deeper on roads where many trucks pass through.
Normally, it is often safer to drive along the ruts because you won't skid.

Please be aware that if you get into a deep rut, the bottom of your car will get stuck and the only way to get out is to push it with a large group of people or have another car pull you out.
Many Hokkaido drivers are used to situations like this, or have experienced it themselves, so they often come to your aid when you are in trouble.

If you have any problems, please feel free to ask someone nearby.


New Chitose Airport Rental Car
About ABS

All Choinori rental cars are equipped with ABS (anti-lock brake system).

If you slam on the brakes too hard on a frozen or wet road, the tires will lock up and you will lose control, and even if you turn the steering wheel left or right, you will not be able to drive straight to avoid obstacles, or you will not be able to rear-end or turn around a curve. Doing so may cause an accident.
Therefore, the role of ABS is to automatically control the brakes by ``locking, loosening, locking, loosening'' to prevent the tires from locking up.

If ABS is activated, you can avoid obstacles by operating the steering wheel even if you suddenly brake, so don't panic.
Also, when ABS activates, it makes a very loud grinding noise and feels like the brakes are being pushed back.

If you are experiencing this for the first time, you may panic if your brakes stop working, but this is by no means a malfunction.
In case of an emergency, please apply the brakes firmly and take evasive action while remaining calm while operating the steering wheel.

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