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About your visit

In order for our customers to use Choinori Rental Car with peace of mind, we will compensate you up to the following amount.

interpersonal compensation

Objective compensation

Vehicle compensation



Unlimited (deductible 50,000 yen)

can be

Death/5 million yen (per person)

Standard price/100,000 yen

Up to 5 million yen depending on residual disability/severity

*The compensation period is limited to 180 days from the date of the accident.

*Repairs and replacement costs due to tire punctures and bursts will be borne by the customer.

*This does not apply if the above compensation is exceeded, if a violation of the rental terms and conditions is revealed, or if there is a failure in management.

Rental car accident burden

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, you will be responsible for the following amounts.

Vehicle warranty

Property compensation deductible

Compensation for absence from work

50,000 yen

50,000 yen

*Please see below for the amount.

Waiver guarantee system

By subscribing to this system, you will be exempt from paying the above customer charges (vehicle compensation deductible amount, property compensation deductible amount) in the event of an accident covered by insurance.

*In the case of a self-inflicted accident, the customer will be responsible for the vehicle compensation deductible amount and property compensation deductible amount of 50,000 yen each, even if the customer is enrolled in the liability waiver system.

[Definition of self-inflicted accident]
・Single accident due to contact with or collision with utility poles, guardrails, etc. Glass damage due to flying stones etc. while driving.

- Contact with or collision with parked vehicles or installed objects due to operational errors in parking lots, etc. hit and run etc.

・Falling off the road or running off into a ditch, etc. If damage occurs to the vehicle due to other reasons (even if it is due to force majeure or no negligence).

Rental car suspension compensation system

In the unlikely event that a customer is involved in an accident and the vehicle requires repair, a portion of the compensation for lost work during the repair period will be covered.

This is a system in which the customer who is the party involved in the accident is responsible for the cost.

car class

K/S class

RV/S2/8P class




Unable to run on its own



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