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​Usage guide

How to reserve a rental car

Once you have decided on your desired date, time, store, vehicle type, etc., please make a reservation online.

*Reservations for the same day or the next day cannot be made online. Please contact us by phone.

The following items are required when making a reservation:

① Shop

② Departure/return date and time

③ If you are using the free shuttle service, please provide the flight number of arrival.

④ Vehicle type

⑤ Payment method (credit card/cash)

⑥ Number of passengers

⑦ Number of children under 6 years old

⑧ Desired optional equipment

⑨ Participation in the exemption guarantee system

⑩ Name

⑪ Date of birth

⑫ Address

⑬ Phone number

⑭ Email address

*We may not be able to accommodate your request for date, time, or vehicle type. Please note.

About your visit

On the day of your reservation, please inform the staff of your reservation details at the store where you made your reservation.

*In the unlikely event that you will be late, please be sure to call the store in advance.

① Present your driver's license, fill out the necessary information on the documents, and pay the fee to complete the procedure.

② Check the vehicle operation, how to use the equipment, and the condition of the vehicle body (scratches, dents, etc.).

Please leave.

Regarding rental car return

① If you are unable to return the car by the return time, please be sure to contact the departure store in advance.

②Please return the car to the nearest gas station with a full tank of gasoline.
③The contract ends when you sign the document.


After presenting your driver's license, fill out the necessary information on the documents, and pay the fee to complete the procedure.

Payment of fees

Basic charges and optional equipment charges are to be paid at the time of departure. Extension fees etc. will be settled upon return.
In addition to credit card payments, you can also pay in cash.

Mid-term rental car cancellation

If you wish to return the rental car mid-way due to personal reasons, please contact the store from which you departed in advance.Please accept my consent.※For more informationRental terms and conditionsPlease confirm.

Regarding the handling of personal information

We collect your personal information for the following reasons:
①Identity verification when lending
②Future product development/business improvement
③Sending of other promotional materials and printed materials such as surveys, direct mail, and e-mails
④When used pursuant to other rental terms and conditions

Rental car reservation cancellation fee

Cancellations will be accepted by phone.
If you cancel your rental car reservation due to customer circumstances, you will be charged the following reservation cancellation fee.
Please note that if we do not hear from you even after 1 hour of your reserved boarding time, your reservation will be cancelled.
If you have the opportunity, please use Choinori Rental Car.

7 days before the reserved boarding date

6 days to 3 days before the reserved boarding date

2 days to 1 day before the reserved boarding date

On the day of the reserved boarding date


20% of basic fee

30% of basic fee

50% of basic fee

Other matters

For all other rental matters,Rental terms and conditions” based on.

This price list is subject to change without notice.

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