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  • What should I do if I have an accident or theft while renting?
    In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, please take the following four measures immediately on the spot. It includes important procedures for applying insurance and compensation, so please be sure to complete all four steps. (1) Relief of injured persons (2) Report and report to the police (an accident certificate will be required at a later date) (3) Contact the insurance company designated by our company (4) Contact the rental car departure store In the case of an accident involving people or property, be sure to confirm the name, phone number, and address of the other party to ensure smooth communication later.
  • I just scratched it a little, but I can't tell if it was an accident or not.
    Regardless of the size of the scratch or whether there is someone else involved, Choinori Rent a Car treats it as an ``accident''. Please be sure to follow the prescribed procedures for any problems, no matter how small, even if you are unsure. If the necessary procedures are not taken, insurance/compensation cannot be applied and the customer will be responsible for the entire cost.
  • How much will it cost you if you have an accident?
    The amount of compensation varies depending on the compensation plan. Please also check the Compensation/Insurance page for information on compensation for business closure.
  • What if I forget something in the rental car?
    Please contact the store where you wish to return the product as soon as possible. Regarding lost items, we will make every effort to locate the lost item from the time it is delivered, but we will not be held responsible for compensation for lost items or damages based on our rental terms and conditions.
  • Can someone other than the contract holder go and borrow the car?
    It is possible. If you are not the person in question, please contact the store.
  • Can I return my car at a location other than the store where I use it?
    no. you can't.
  • I would like to return the car earlier than the specified time, but is it possible to cancel midway?
    If you wish to return the rental car mid-way, please contact the store where you made the reservation in advance and receive permission. *Subject to rental terms and conditions. Please check the rental terms and conditions page for details.
  • Can I return my car after closing time?
    Returns cannot be made after closing. Please return the item before closing time or after the next business opening time. If you will be arriving after closing time, please contact the store in advance.
  • Can I bring and use a child seat?
    yes. In that case, store staff will assist you, but please note that you will be responsible for setting it up yourself.
  • Is it possible to bring pets along?
    However, there are restrictions and precautions when bringing your pet along, so please follow them. ・Opening in the car is prohibited. Be sure to put it in a cage. ・If stains or lingering odors are found after use, and repairs or deodorization are required, an additional NOC charge of 20,000 to 30,000 yen (tax included) will be charged.
  • If I go to the store by car, bicycle, motorcycle, etc., can you leave it there?
    We can only store items in Chitose. Please leave the key with us.
  • Do you have a car that can carry a lot of luggage?
    We have cars that allow you to ride with the back seats folded down.
  • Can I listen to music in the car?
    Please contact us as it varies depending on the car model.
  • Can I reserve optional items such as child seats and car navigation systems?
    Yes, I can. Please let us know when making your rental reservation. Reservations can also be made online. [Child seat fee] 500 yen/day [Car navigation/ETC onboard device fees] are not charged. Standard equipment on all cars.
  • Is it okay to carry an infant without using a child seat?
    If you are traveling with a child under the age of 6, you are required by law to use a child seat (assistance device for infants).
  • Is the ETC onboard device installed?
    Standard equipment on all cars.
  • Are you wearing studless tires?
    It is standard equipment on all cars from November to March.
  • Do you rent out ETC cards?
    no. We do not offer rentals, so please prepare your own.
  • How to add new questions and answers?
    How to add "Frequently Asked Questions": 1. Open dashboard or editor 2. Add new question and answer 3. Assign FAQs to categories 4. Save and publish You can edit the FAQ at any time.
  • Can I insert images, videos, or GIFs?
    Yes. How to add media: 1. Open dashboard or editor 2. Add new or edit existing 3. Add a GIF to the answer text box or 4. Add and save media files
  • Can I rent a car even if I make a reservation on the same day?
    Please contact the store for same-day reservations. Additionally, online reservations are not available.
  • What information do I need when making a reservation?
    We will need information such as the date and time you will be using the car, office, desired class, driver's name, contact phone number, and whether or not you will be using a child seat. We also ask our members for their membership number. For online reservations, an email address is also required in addition to the information above.
  • Please tell me the rental fee.
    It depends on the car model. Please check the car model and price page.
  • What do I need to rent a car?
    If paying by credit card, you will need your driver's license and credit card; if paying by cash, you will only need your driver's license.
  • Can someone other than the person who made the reservation drive the rental car?
    If you are over 21 years old and have a driver's license, you can drive a rental car. Please present the driver's license when signing the contract. However, if an accident occurs when an unregistered driver is driving, you may not receive insurance benefits.
  • Can I make a reservation online?
    Yes. It is possible. You can easily make reservations from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.Yes. It is possible. You can easily make reservations from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Can I specify the car model?
    Please contact us as it varies depending on the car model.
  • Can I change or cancel my reservation?
    We only accept inquiries by phone. (Cannot be changed on the day)
  • Is there a charge for cancellation?
    It is free of charge up to 7 days before the reserved ride date. If you cancel after that time, a standard reservation cancellation fee will be charged depending on the date. Please check the reservation/cancellation page for details.
  • What is the “Frequently Asked Questions” section?
    The Frequently Asked Questions section provides frequently asked questions about your business, such as "How much does shipping cost?" "What are your business hours?" and "How do I book a service?" It can be used as a place to provide answers to the questions that are asked.
  • Why do we need a "Frequently Asked Questions"?
    Adding Frequently Asked Questions helps site visitors quickly find answers to questions about your business, improving their experience on your site.
  • In what situations can I not rent a car even though I have a driver's license?
    If we determine that lending your car may cause some kind of problem, we may refuse to lend you your car. ・When you are under the influence of alcohol ・When the driver specified at the time of reservation and the driver at the time of rental are different. ・When you are in arrears in payment of rental fees etc. or there is an act of non-refund during past usage. ・Persons under 20 years old
  • Can I rent a car with an international license?
    We can lend it to you if you present the following information and documents. ·passport ・International driving license ・Credit card (back/front) ・Mobile number or number where you can be contacted while staying in Japan
  • What should I do if I'm going to be late for my reservation?
    If you are likely to be late, please be sure to contact the rental store. If one hour passes the scheduled departure time without contacting us, your reservation will be treated as canceled and we may not be able to provide you with a car.
  • I would like to rent a car with a driver.
    By law, it is prohibited to introduce or arrange for drivers. note that.
  • Can I change my reservation details at the time of departure?
    Compensation details can be changed. However, if it is determined in advance in the contract, such as a corporate contract, it may not be possible to change it. Changes to vehicle type, time, options, etc. may not be possible depending on the reservation status, so please contact the departure store as soon as possible with any changes.
  • Is there a mileage limit?
    There is no mileage limit. Mileage is free.
  • What should I bring when leaving the rental car?
    On the day of rental car use, (1) Driver's license (2) Price required for payment (or credit card) (3) ETC card (if using ETC) Please bring it with you. For more information on departure procedures, please see the Usage Flow page.
  • When should I pay?
    Please pay the basic fee, optional fee, Deductible Waiver (CDW) subscription fee, consumption tax, etc. at the store when you depart, and pay for extended time fees, fuel costs, etc. at the store when you return. I'll have it.
  • Is it possible to pay by cash?
    Is possible.
  • Please tell me what types of credit cards are available.
    Acceptable credit cards are VISA, JCB, UC, DC, and American Express. *Credit card payments can only be made in one lump sum.
  • Can I pay with my fellow passenger's credit card?
    Is possible.
  • What should I do if I can't fill up the gas tank?
    There will be a charge of 5,000 yen for up to half the gas meter and 10,000 yen for less than half the meter. *Refueling fee included
  • How do I pay the cancellation fee?
    There are two options below. ・Visit a Choinori rental car store and pay at the store. ・Transfer to our designated account
  • It looks like I won't be able to return it in time. Can I extend the usage time?
    Please note that as a general rule, the contract time cannot be extended. Only if there is no next reservation and it is possible to extend your reservation, you will be able to extend your reservation by paying the additional fee at the time of return or when you decide to extend your reservation.
  • Do I need to take out insurance in addition to the basic car price?
    no. The basic fee paid by the customer already includes basic compensation such as insurance, so there is no need to purchase separately. However, there are plans that reduce the burden on customers in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Please tell me what the insurance covers.
    We will compensate you up to the following amount. ・Personal compensation/unlimited ・Objective compensation/unlimited (deductible 50,000 yen) ・Vehicle compensation/Yes ・Passenger/death 5 million yen (per person), standard price 100,000 yen, up to 5 million yen depending on the degree of residual disability
  • What is the exemption compensation system?
    If you pay the deductible compensation fee (not insurance) before departure, we will compensate you for the vehicle insurance (50,000 yen) and object compensation deductible (50,000 yen) in the event of an accident. I will do it. *Note: In the case of an accident that is your own fault, this will not apply even if you are enrolled in the exemption compensation system.
  • What is the leave compensation system?
    In the unlikely event that a customer is involved in an accident and their vehicle requires repair, this system requires the customer involved in the accident to pay a portion of the compensation for lost work during the repair period. Please check the insurance/compensation page for details.


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